Big Bang Fun Fact

Entertainment: YG Entertainment
Debuted: August 19, 2006
Fan Club: VIP



Fun Facts:
  • His stage name T.O.P was given to him by Se7em
  • He admires musician’s Usher, Omarion, Jay-Z and B2K
  • One older Sister
  • Loves to Act
  • Acted in I Am Same, Nineteen, Iris and 71: Into The Fire
  • Awarded at the 47th Daejong Film Awards for Hallyu Popularity
  • Won Style Icon Awards for Best New Actor
  • Won 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best New Actor
  • Won 31st Blue Dragon Film awards for Popularity
  • Won Max Movie Award for Best New Actor
  • Won 47th PaekSang award for Best New Actor
  • Won 47th PaekSang Award for Popularity Award (Actor in a Motion Picture)
  • He’s released singles of his own and collaborated with other artists.
  • He speaks well even though he is shy 
  • He is stubborn He likes to be the leader of things
  • He speaks his mind
  • Did a sub unit with GD called GD&TOP
  • Kissed Lee Hyori on stage << ARGHH


Fun Facts:
  • One Older Sister
  • Released is first solo album on August 18, 2009 titled Heartbreaker
  • Likes Fashion
  • He is named the fashionista in South Korea
  • He likes Crispy Donuts
  • Likes Dogs and Cats
  • He is really bright and quiet
  • He lightens the mood a lot
  • He leads the group well
  • He’s been involved in a couple of scandal but each proved to be wrong or an accident
  • He writes much of Big Bang’s songs most of which becomes hit’s
  • He’s considered a music genius
  • His relationship with Hyun Suk (The CEO of YG Entertainment) is described to be “father and son”
  • He has tattoos on his inner arms. His right arm says “Vita Dolce” Meaning “Sweet life” in Italian. On his left it says “Moderato” meaning moderate which is a musical term.
  • G-Dragon comes from his original name “Ji Yong” Because Ji sounds like the English letter G and Yong means Dragon
  • “Lies” was supposed to be GD’s solo since he wrote it but they ended up singing it as a group
  • His childhood friend is Kangin from Super Junior
  • Did a sub unit with TOP called GD&TOP


Fun Facts:
  • First in the group to make his solo debut
  • He likes Summer
  • He speak English and Japanese
  • He likes reading Manhwa’s (Korean comics)
  • One older brother
  • Tries his best at everything
  • An over achiever
  • He listens to people well
  • He doesn’t like to fight
  • He thinks about what he’s going to say before he says anything
  • Released first mini album on October 22, 2009 titled “Hot”
  • He was a child actor in 5th grade
  • He played the mini Seon in JinuSean’s “A-Yo” Music Video
  • He agreed with GD to take a year off after high school before going on to College
  • Receive first kiss while filming “Ma Girl” MV
  • Use to have an eye brow ring
  • Always has his hair a Mohawk except when he first debuted he had corn rolls


Fun Facts:
  • One older sister
  • He admires Usher, Omarion, Ne-Yo and Wheesung
  • He’s always bright
  • His best aspect is his smile
  • He always makes people laugh
  • He can sing Trot music
  • When picking the members of Big Bang he almost wasn’t picked because people thought he was too ugly
  • While a trainee he was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules. In the fall of 2006 it got worse so he had to undergo treatment before the realase of BIG BANG Album
  • Gummy, who had been in the same situation with the Vocal Cord Nodules, helped Daesung recover and manage his condition.
  • Played in the drama “What’s Up”
  • He’s very good at variety
  • Good at imitations
  • Has a good sense of humor
  • in 2007 he quit high school to focus full-time on Big Bang
  • Obsession with Japanese cartoon character Doraemon.
  • Was involved in a car wreck in 2011 that halted Big Bang’s activities. The Motorcyclist involved died and Daesung went through a lot. Everything worked its self out and Daesung didn’t have to serve any time for it.


Fun Facts:
  • Entered a competition called Battle Shinhwa but was rejected because his vocals weren’t that impressive at the time
  • He likes foreign languages
  • One younger sibling
  • He’s pretty mature for being the youngest in Big Bang
  • He admires Justin Timberlake and Omarion
  • Before Big Bang he was a member of Ilhwan, a Kwangjoo dance team
  • Had to fight against Hyun Seung (So-1) in order to stay in the group
  • Called panda or baby panda because of the dark circles under his eyes
  • Went to a plastic surgeon because his dark circle were severe but the doctor said he couldn’t fix them due to the fact that he had all three cause for black circles and it was impossible to fix all three
  • Released first Mini Album on January 20, 2011 titled “V.V.I.P
  • Member’s nicknames him Mek Ggeun because he always killed the mood
  • His highest score in high school was 85%
  • His highest middle school score was 81%
  • Acted in the move Nineteen along with T.O.P

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