X-5 (Xeno Five) Member Profile

Real Name: Son Hyun Seok

Stage Name: Ghun

Position: Leader & Main Vocalist

Birthday: November 30, 1989

Height: 183 cm

Blood Type: A

Facts: The shortest of X-5

Birth Name: Lee Dong Hyun

Stage Name: Taefung

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: April 28, 1991

Height: 185 cm

Blood Type: AB

Birth Name: Jung Hae Won

Stage Name: Haewon

Position: Lead Vocalist, Face of The Group

Birthday: June 20, 1991

Height: 186 cm

Blood Type: A

Birth Name: Jin Hyun Jin

Stage Name: Zin

Position: Main Rapper

Birthday: July 20, 1993

Height: 189 cm

Blood Type: A

Facts: The tallest of X-5

Birth Name: Kim Jin Wan

Stage Name: Sulhu

Position: Maknae & Lead Rapper

Birthday: September 7, 1995

Height: 188 cm

Blood Type: AB


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