2PM Fun Fact

Entertainment: JYP Entertainment
Debut Date: September 4, 2008
Fan Club: Hottest


Junsu (3)

Fun Facts:

  • His dad did not approve of him singing before but after winning a singing talent his dad gave his support and approval
  • He is close friends with G-Dragon and Taeyang from Big Bang
  • Said if he was a woman he would date Nichkhun because he’s very good looking
  • Said that when he is in love with a woman, he can’t help expressing his feelings and wants to give her his all
  • His favorite Japanese phrase is “Sogoku kirei na hitomi desu ne” (You have beautiful eyes)
  • Auditioned for YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment but chose JYPE
  • Doesn’t like it when people think he is the smelliest member
  • Likes sushi
  • Changed his name from Junsu to Min Jun. He said it was for personal reasons

Nichkhun (2)

Fun Facts:

  • He is ambidextrous
  • Once said in a interview that he would never let Taecyeon date his sister
  • He really likes the taste of strawberries
  • Was on We Got Married with Victoria from F(X)
  • Victoria liked Chansung so he started being mean to him
  • Dislikes avocados
  • Disliked his blonde hair for Without U concept at first
  • Called the “Thai Prince”
  • Specialties are piano and acrobatics
  • He was born in California and moved to Thailand when 5 then moved to Korea in 2006. So He can speak English, Thai and Korean well.

Taecyeon (2)

Fun Facts:

  • Is considered the fashion terrorist of the group
  • He can make/play sounds with his teeth, cheeks and throat
  • In elementary school he proposed to his first love with two rings. One ring was silver and the other was gold. The gold one was his mother’s wedding ring.
  • Thinks Miss A was a “jackpot rookie group”
  • Had a close friendship with SNSD’s Tiffany
  • Gossips often with women, especially SNSD’s Yoona and Jessica
  • Acted in “Cinderella’s Sister” and “Dream High”
  • Can speak English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese
  • He qualified for JYP as a model but eventually joined 2PM

Wooyoung (5)

Fun Facts:

  • Loves chicken
  • Was asked in an interview where he would go on a date and answered “An unpopulated island”
  • Prefers to sleep on the floor
  • All the members and JYP worried because Wooyoung never had a girlfriend
  • He loves comics
  • Dad originally opposed his dream of becoming a singer
  • Has a fear of failing those around him.
  • Acted in “Dream High”
  • Cried and lot and fainted at the airport when Jay left
  • The first thing he said to Taecyeon after seeing him in “Cinderella’s Sister” was “Wahh hyung, you’re so good at brooming!”

Junho (1)

Fun Fats:

  • Doesn’t call Wooyoung ‘Hyung’ even though he’s younger than Wooyoung
  • Said he is the type that wants give all his free time to a girlfriend and would contact her often and go on lots of dates
  • Can’t wink because he thinks his eyes are too small
  • Has one older sister
  • Signed with JYPE after winning the “JYP’s Superstar Survival” talent search in 2006. Placeed 1st out of 6,000 competitors
  • Tends to cross his arms and lick his lips a lot
  • Is ambidextrous
  • Says he knows everything on twitter; including his mentions
  • He doesn’t like it when his noona fans call him ‘oppa’
  • Thinks he is well organized because he has to take care of his own stuff
  • Is the type of member who gives his all at everything he does

Chansung (4)

Fun Facts:

  • Was in the sitcom “High Kick:
  • Big fan of Gal Gal Ee (a segment on gag concert)
  • If had a girlfriend said he would want to see her every day. “We don’t necessarily have to be doing anything, but I would feel more at ease just by being in the same space”
  • Was a taekwondo and Gumdo champ
  • Can eat 40 servings of shabu-shabu
  • Was an actor before joining 2PM
  • Made a cameo on “Dream High”
  • He is very well trained in martial arts


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