4Minute Fun Fact

Entertainment: Cube Entertainment
Debut Date: June 15, 2009
Fan Club: 4Nia

Nam Ji Hyun

Ji Hyun (5)

Fun Facts:

  • All the members agree she has the best skin among the group
  • She’s worried about her crow’s feet and her body in general
  • She was only a trainee for 6 months
  • Has a younger brother
  • A ‘bagel girl’ (a girl with a baby face and glamorous body)
  • Did ballet
  • A bookworm
  • Other members say she is a bad liar
  • Likes men who can make her laugh
  • Said she has already considered the idea of getting married
  • Complex is that she has a lot of scars on her body and gains weight quickly
Ga Yoon

Ga Yoon

Fun Facts:

  • Hobby has been to write lyrics in her free time
  • Has a complex of her small hands because she can’t wear rings
  • Gets emotional when it comes to family
  • Loves clothing and will shop in her free time
  • Normally do not express her feelings
  • Feels emptiness late at night and so during that time she scrawls things or writes lyrics and express her thoughts in her diary
  • Doesn’t fall for any tricks the members try to pull on her
  • Doesn’t like kissing and holding hands in public
  • Says she is addicted to eating noodles
Ji Yoon

Ji Yoon (2)

Fun Facts:

  • Doesn’t let her hair get wet in the rain
  • Is the moodmaker in 4minute
  • 4Minute’s trainer said she changed the most
  • Will randomly poke the members
  • Doesn’t want to cook because the members says her cooking is bad
  • Suffered from hair loss
  • Woke the members every morning during the “Hot Issue” and “Muzik” days
  • Wrote the lyrics for “Once Again, Even If You Hate Me” in a rap version while thinking about an old boyfriend who cheated on her, she even included his birthday in the lyrics
  • Calls her parents everyday

Hyunah (2)

Fun Facts:

  • Former member of Wonder Girls, left due to eosinophilia gastroenteritis
  • Started acting when she was 8 and started dancing when she was 10
  • Likes someone who likes her and can accept her flaws, someone with a big heart
  • Likes to annoy G.NA a lot
  • Ideal kiss is kissing in the red telephone booths on a rainy day
  • Her parents are divorced
  • Doesn’t like sandals
  • Bestfriends with SNSD’s Sunny
  • Wants to be a designer
  • Had bruises and injuries from shooting ‘Muzik’ for 30 hours
  • Released her first solo single in 2010
So Hyun

So Hyun (1)

Fun Facts:

  • Was in the group Orange before debuting with 4minute
  • Wants her first kiss to be in an elevator
  • Dances MBLAQ’s choreo well and likes Mir
  • Her friends at school treat her comfortably and don’t treat her like a celebrity
  • Has played the piano since she was a little girl
  • Considerate person who listens closely to everything someone says to her
  • Her complex is her baby fat


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