Dal Shabet Fun Fact

Entertainment: Happy Face Entertainment
Debut: January 3, 2011.
Fan Club: Darling



  • Shares a room with Viki
  • Was a model in One-Two’s music video “Very Good”
  • Has a professional gymnastics and dance background
  • Wants to become good friends with Wonder Girl’s SunYe
  • Won a gold medal at a National Aerobics Competition
  • Her hobbies are music and dancing

  • Her hobbies include movies, dancing, and learning about Greek and Roman mythology
  • Once drank spiked coffee at a hair salon
  • Spends most of her free time playing basketball
  • First member of Dal Shabet to record a CF
  • Has a white dog
  • Shares a room with JiYul
  • She had a part in the musical “Amnesia Nurse”

Fun Facts:
  • When she was growing up, she once got lice
  • Likes to watch and practice ‘street dancing’
  • Favorite male Korean group is Big Bang
  • Grew up in England and is fluent in English
  • Idolized Spice Girls growing up and even went to see them live
  • Was hospitalized during “Bling Bling” era because of myositis (muscle inflammation)
  • WooHee
Bae WooHee

Fun Facts:
  • Her favorite boy band is B2ST, her favorite member is YoSeob
  • Some consider her Davichi’s Kang MinHyun Look-A-Like

Fun Facts:
  • Her blood type is A
  • Her hobbies are modeling and reading fashion magazines

Fun Facts:
  • Like trot music
  • Taller than Big Bang’s TaeYang
  • Convinced a ghost called out to her once
  • Appeared in TaeYang’s “I Need a Girl” music video
  • Former G.O.D. member Son HoYoung once made her cry on TV
  • Even though she was only 15, she moved to Seoul and lived alone so she could be a jean model


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