Dalmatian Fun Fact

Entertainment: Monky Funch Entertainment

Debut: September 2, 2012
Fan Club: Dalmate


Fun Facts:
  • Fans call him the “dorky leader“.
  • He got his stage name from an online game character he liked.
  • He use to be in a group called “People Crew” along side MC Mong.
  • In 2004 while practicing he started feeling head pains and was rushed to the hospital. MC Mong followed him from the practice room to the hospital and was told by doctors that he suffered a brain hemorrhage and was in a coma and would probably not wake up. Nonetheless he continued to pray, paid for all of Inati‘s hospital fees, took care of him for 2 months, and swore to him that “If you wake up, I‘ll produce an album under your name.” In nothing short of a miracle, Inati woke up from his coma and near the end of his recovery in 2005 MC Mong had hand picked members for a new group that later became Dalmatian.
  • Because of MC Mong‘s support and kindness he is extremely close to MC Mong.
  • He has been featured on several of MC Mong‘s albums.
  • He has a brother and a sister.
  • He is a boxer.
  • One of his favorite foods is chocolate.
  • His favorite colors are Black and White.
  • He has been a trainee for 2,798 days. Longer than 2AM‘s JoKwon who trained for 2,567.
  • His ideal girl is someone simple that he can protect.
  • His ideal type is actress Jo Yoon Hee because she has a neutral but appealing feel that gives him a good impression.
  • Though he is the leader, he listens to what his dongsengs have to say.
  • When he decides to do something, he does it with determination.
  • He is the first member to fall asleep and the first member to wake up.
  • According to Daniel, because of the generation gap Inati didn’t know how to use a smart phone.
  • He likes to read and usually carries a book in his bag where ever he goes.
  • His greatest fear is of being alone.
  • He hates to take a shower alone so he usually makes another member sit on the toilet and talk to him.

Fun Facts:
  • He is Dalmatian‘s “smiley face“.
  • He is the most popular member among Dalmatian.
  • He is very greedy when it comes to music since he’s good at playing piano and can compose music very well.
  • He has a very high pitched voice for his age.
  • Has one sister.
  • Before he goes to bed he prays.
  • He likes to listen to live concerts.
  • He hates wasting time.
  • His idol is his dad.
  • He had to lose 10 kg (22 lbs) before he could join Dalmatian.
  • His dream is to have a song composed solely by him and be included in one of Dalmatian‘s albums.
  • His ideal girl is someone who is witty, nice, and smiles a lot.
  • His ideal type is ALL the beautiful actresses.
  • He loves pizza and sweet potatoes.
  • His first real experience in love inspired ex-member DayDay to write the lyrics of ”The Man Opposed“.
  • His motto is “In the end, be the person who smiles.”
  • His biggest fear is to mess up on stage.
  • He was so shocked when he was selected to be a member of Dalmatian. He thought that he was lacking in looks and talents compared to the other members.

Fun Facts:
  • His stage name use to be Drama. He gave himself the name because of the meaning that he wanted to make various types of music like they do in actual dramas. But he later just went to Daniel during their “E.R” promotions.
  • He lived in the USA until he decided to move to Korea at the age of 16 to become a singer.
  • He has two sisters.
  • During their “The Man Opposed“, he got punched in the face by Inati and started to bleed. But fans were stunned when he continued to performe the song as if nothing happened.
  • His ideal girl is someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and is cute.
  • His ideal type is Im Soo Jung after watching her drama “I‘m Sorry, I Love You“.
  • His number one treasure is God.
  • His motto is “The life you live once doesn’t ever come back“.
  • He livens up the atmosphere with his cute eye smiles and his wittiness.
  • He is currently the MC for Arirang‘s ”Pops in Seoul“.
  • He always has an angry face when he wakes up.
  • He is usually the last one to fall asleep and the last one to get up and get ready.
  • He has 5 tattoo‘s. 2 on his back and 3 on his left ankles. One on his back says “One Love” in Arabic and can be seen in the “E.R” MV.
  • He likes the “E.R” concept better than the concept for “The Man Opposed“.
  • He use to be a M-Boat trainee where he trained and befriended with BEAST/B2ST‘s YoSeob. There are several pre-debut songs floating around the internet of them singing together.
  • He is very good friends with f(x)’s Amber (He even called her when Dalmatian was playing a game on “Manager Goes On Strike“).
  • There were times where he was edited out on TV appearances for his lack of Korean, so he began studying the language so it would stop happening.

Fun Facts:
  • He is the 4D member.
  • His stage name means he will forever be in the young state of mind in climbing his way up to the top.
  • He is often mistaken for being the maknae.
  • He was actually under another label when he joined Dalmatian, so he went through some contract issues.
  • It was difficult for him more than to make a fierce face. When we told him to get angry, it was just awkward for him. He said that he’s always smiling so it was hard to get angry.
  • He had the hardest time adjusting to the “E.R” concept.
  • He had his hair dyed blue for their “The Man Opposed” promotions,and people called him “SmurfWon“.
  • Has a younger brother.
  • He has a Busan accent. He doesn‘t like it and wants to change it.
  • His ideal girl is someone with big eyes.
  • He dislikes people who lie to him.
  • He loves sweets.
  • His favourite food is spicy chicken katsu.
  • His idol is his mother, and is very close to her.
  • When he was 8 years old, he told 10 friends that it was his birthday on April 1st and invited them to his party. Since his birthday is on April Fool’s Day, only one of them came. He cried after that.
  • His ideal type is f(x)’s Sulli because she is a hardworking and beautiful girl.
  • He is good friends with BEAST/B2ST‘s HyunSeung.
  • One of the main reasons why he wants to be successful with Dalmatian is because he wants buy his mother a house.
  • His first kiss was actually Daniel while shooting “Manager Goes On Strike“.
  • He claims that he is good at cleaning, but the other members state they‘ve never seen him clean once.
  • He hates doing chores.
  • Out of all the members, he is the one who notices fans the most.
  • His motto is “Continue to be humble, continue to be patient, and continue to persevere.”

Fun Facts:
  • His father is Korean and his mother is Japanese.
  • He was added to Dalmatian in 2012 for their “E.R” promotions when rapper DayDay left for personal reasons.
  • He was actually in the original line up for Dalmatian, but left prior to debut to pursue solo activities.
  • ”It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have a music education in Korea. I learned about the Korean culture through my father. I haven’t forgotten my roots. It‘s an honor to be a Dalmatian member.I will hone my skills to give you the best.”
  • He has two younger sisters.
  • He loves to eat. It eats more than the 3 meals a day plan.
  • His ideal type is American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Japanese actress Takeutchi Yuko.
  • He all rounded performer and is skilled at rapping, singing, and dancing.
  • He is known for his well toned abs.
  • His ideal type is someone who is pretty when she smiles.

Fun Facts:
  • He has a calm and quiet personality but can get wild once he‘s with friends.
  • He got his name after his father had a dream that God told him to name his son Dari.
  • He has three sisters.
  • His body is naturally the type to build muscles easily. When he eats, the food doesn’t go to fats but builds into muscle with the slightest work out.
  • He does not have a 6 pack, but an 8 pack!
  • He loves the word “Aight“.
  • He says he is a ganji (swag) rapper.
  • His ideal girl is someone who is calm and feminine.
  • One of his hobbies is fishing though hates the fish smell.
  • He thinks shoes are the most important accessory.
  • It‘s very hard to get him angry.
  • He has a loud snore (according to Youngwon he sounds like an Elephant).
  • He has at least 4 tattoos. Some of which are of Dalmatians.
  • He always brings a pencil around with him to write lyrics.
  • He also carries Dalmatian style hats.
  • He owns a Domo pencil case.
  • His motto is “Those who think they‘re going to lose end up in that direction.”
  • He is currently not promoting with Dalmatian to serve his mandatory military service.


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